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    Reflection Effect

    This template has an integrated reflection script. So, you can add reflection to your images without having to modify them with a special software.

    Beside that, you have full control over the reflection height and opacity.

    How to add reflection effect to the picture

    reflection effectAdd class="reflect" to any image you'd like to have reflection effect, and you are done!

    To control the effect's height, use class="reflect rheight25". In this case, height of the reflection will be 25% of the image height. You can also, control opacity of the reflection. Use class="reflect ropacity60" and opacity will be set to 60%. You can also combine height and opacity, in example class="reflect rheight25 ropacity60".







    <img class="reflect ropacity60 rheight25" src="/images/stories/demo/reflection.jpg" alt="reflection effect"></p>"


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